In Buenos Aires trip A (first time visitors):

We will do a guided city tour around the city to know the historical points and tell you its history, their historical monuments.

We will visit the neighborhood of "La Boca", the cradle of Tango, where everything began in its tenements ..!

In Buenos Aires trip B (those who already know the city):

A different circuit of excursions where we will get to know the city at night, we will visit the Evita museum, Carlos Gardel Museum, Publiege monument, the National Academy of Tango, Ecological Reserve, etc.

In Country tour trip:

6 more excursions to get to know some of the beauties of our country such as the Talampaya National Park, the "Valle de la Luna" (Moon Valley), the "Sierras de San Luis" (San Luis's mountain chain) with its species air and its hidden mountain villages; but also the city of Mendoza, famous for its wines, where we will visit a winery.



in Buenos Aires trip.



in Buenos Aires + country tour trip. 

Buenos Aires SIDE A

La Boca

It is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Bohemian par excellence is full of artists, painters and skilled tango dancers. This neighborhood was the first port of the city at the time, today is a must for any tourist. Cheer up to know the cradle of the most street tango!La Boca began to receive innumerable immigrants in 1870, especially Genoese Italians. When they arrived they built their houses with metal sheets and used the paintings of the boats to color their homes. For this reason La Boca is a very colorful neighborhood to this day. The houses were called "conventillos" and there lived many immigrant families with common spaces.The main street is "El Caminito", which was named after a homonymous tango by Gabino Peñaloza and Juan de Dios Filiberto. The tour of this neighborhood is one of the most emblematic of Buenos Aires, a must for any visitor.

 Feria de Mataderos

It's a walk with history. It is also a community party where fairgrounds, artists, neighbors and visitors get mixed up in a kind of participatory embrace in which creativity, color, history, traditions and music prevail. All tinged by a rescue of the neighborhood, the traditional ". Its full name is "Feria de las Artesanías y Tradiciones Populares Argentinas".It is an intimate walk of Argentine citizenship, where craft stalls display exquisite samples of urban and rural art.There are also music and dances; singing and payadores that are challenged. 
But above all there is joy and an irresistible need to participate. A healthy joy that is contagious and an understandable desire to feel part of the magical world of our history and traditions. Because those who visit the Fair, since they enter it, are already part of the show and their experiences.

San Telmo

San Telmo is one of the best preserved areas within the ever changing Buenos Aires, and is characterized by its colonial mansions and streets, many of which are still paved with cobblestones. Among the attractions that can be visited in this neighborhood, there are some old churches, museums, antique and design shops and an antique and handicrafts fair, the San Telmo Fair that takes place in the main square, Plaza Dorrego and in Defense Street every Sunday. In addition to the craft stalls, there are also street performers, musicians, dancers, puppeteers, magicians and living statues on Defensa street during the fair.

El Tigre

We will enjoy an excursion in the delta, tiger. A refuge of tranquility and nature in the first section of the Delta islands, where we will carry out the following activities: Argentinian roast outdoors and boat rides.Tigre is an Argentine city just north of the city of Buenos Aires. It is an access road to the rivers and swamps of the vast delta of Paraná. The old Puerto de Frutos of the city is now a busy craft market. Nearby is the Museo del Mate, which goes through the history of the traditional Argentine infusion and has a mate bar. Rowing clubs and restaurants line Paseo Victorica, a boardwalk by the river.

Centro cultural Kirchner

The farewell will be the Day of the Tango (Anniversary of Carlos Gardel and Julio De Caro) and we will live the celebrations of officers organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, where we will visit the Kirchner cultural center.It is designed as a cultural multi-space with different rooms and areas. For its construction, the original building that is part of the National Historical Patrimony was respected and different sectors of the old Post Palace that were in poor condition or abandoned were put in value.

Tango Cantina

We will visit the best tango bar/restaurante, located in the Boedo district, it is a typical BODEGÓN of Buenos Aires, where we will listen to the best singers, and enjoy a great dinner.

Día de Campo

Spend a field day learning about the culture of the Argentine gaucho! Get to know its traditions, participate in gaucho activities, enjoy an authentic Argentine barbecue, and much more!
Just two hours from the Federal Capital, it is the ideal place where you can take an unforgettable excursion to enjoy nature, gastronomy and typical field activities. An exquisite Argentine barbecue with wine, singing and dancing shows, demonstration of Creole skills and horseback riding. Live the experience of a traditional picnic where you will not only learn about the true customs but also you can relax and enjoy the natural landscape. THE NEW IS THAT WE WILL SPEND THE NIGHT THERE!